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Our mission is to provide the highest quality materials and products available as a point of sale directly to the contractor and homeowner. We eliminate the middleman markups. This creates for our customers the highest possible value to our customers' projects and property values by offering the same or higher quality products on the market at the absolute lowest prices. We strive to bring value to your project.

R Panel Products

The family of R Panels are available in all standard colors, including galvalume in 26 gauge. 24 gauge is offered in select colors. 

R Panel is designed for use as a siding panel only. It can be used as siding or interior liner panels for your walls and ceilings on industrial, commercial or agricultural structures.

PBR Panel is designed for both roofing and siding applications, it features a purling resting leg which allows the panel to span longer distances between purlins up to 4 1/2 feet.

IR Panel is an inverted R panel used for siding only. It is produced by manufacturing the panel color side down. It is installed on a building with the major ribs facing the building framing. This allows for a flatter, smoother look. It works well to contrast the use of PBR panel on the roof of the same structure. 

A full line of trims, screws and accessories are available to complete your building project.

Ag Panel Products

The AG panel profile interlocks creating a seamless look, providing a weathertight seal. It has a deep anti-siphon groove, protecting against leakage past the overlapping seam. The panels cover 36″ with a 3/4 inch rib height at 9 inches on center.

In 28 gauge we offer 18 standard colors in Ceram-a-star 1050  (40 year warranty). * see Ceram-a-star chart

In 29 gauge we offer 28 standard colors Kynar and PVDF coatings (40 year warranty) * see United color chart

 A full line of trims, screws and accessories are available to complete your building project.

Standing Seam Panel Products

The standing seam products are a concealed fastener roofing system broken into two categories. everloc requires a separate clip to attach the panels to the roof substrate, and everseam has a built in nail flange which is punched for nail placement.


Standing Seams Color Chart


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